Untold Stories Event 

Claire Hagelburg and I, Katie Brown, would like to thank the Newcastle City Councils Arts Development Team for creating a welcoming and family orientated drop-in at the Magic Hat Kitchen.    

I’m the new Young People’s Intervention work with PROPS and this event helped me to meet people who also work with young people across Newcastle and who PROPS, in the future, could connect with. 

The event was a fantastic celebration of the creative work completed by artists, students, care workers, communities, local residents and funders, and organised by Newcastle City Councils Arts Development Team. 

It showcased the book ‘Hear Our Stories’ which celebrates and shares personal journeys. This was done collaboratively with lead artists and participant through creative workshops. 

The Magic Hat Kitchen combines an enjoyable, calm and accessible eating experience while raising awareness of food waste. The food is freshly made on the premises from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. 

On Saturdays and Sunday’s families can eat at the kitchen on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.  

Magic Hat Kitchen is located in Higham House, Higham Place, Newcastle NE1 8AF. The entrance is located on the street to the right of the Laing Art Gallery entrance, just off the Blue Carpet, and is open 10:00am – 4:00pm, Thursday to Sunday.  

I found the venue a great place for relaxing, enjoying good company and wonderful food.  

Let me tell you, the food was not wasted on me due to it tasting DEEEELICIOUS! 

Katie Brown