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Claire Hagelburg

Volunteer and Carer Lead

My name is Claire I have worked for PROPS for just over a year as a Family Intervention Worker on Project Adder.  Prior to this I volunteered for 2 years as a Placement Counsellor. After a fantastically funny and face aching Christmas party I decided I needed to work here.

I am by nature a positive and enthusiastic person, who enjoys supporting others.  I love a good puzzle, working out how and why is like catnip to me.

I adore Stephen King; his books are amazing! I am also a fan of Jane Austin and read Persuasion every year, I constantly find new things to love about it. 

I have a dog called Tye who was one of the best things to come into my life! There is nothing better than heading out in the car with him and exploring what our wonderful North East area has to offer.

Tracey Hawkins-Hobson

Family Intervention Worker

I am a Family Intervention Worker, working with families in North Tyneside. I have been with PROPS for 6 months and I feel very privileged to be working alongside such a dedicated team and with amazing and inspirational families.

My background includes being a Fingerprint Expert and CSI in the Metropolitan Police and then teaching in a mainstream secondary school and then in a Special Needs School in Cramlington. Both roles have given me an insight in the difficulties that addiction can have on families.

Away from PROPS, I love walking my two gorgeous, but mischievous dogs, Herbie and Bettie, along our beautiful coast and I have just started to swim in the sea with a colleague once a week. Football is another passion I have (working in North Tyneside I won’t mention which team I support and have a season ticket to watch!)  My family is particularly important to me and spending time with them is a big part of my life.

Emma Fenwick

Family Intervention Worker

Hi, I’m Emma, I joined the PROPS team in September 2023, and I’m a Family Intervention Worker.

Prior to this I spent over 16 years with South Tyneside council in varying roles within Children’s Services, including Early Years, Youth Offending and The Safeguarding Teams.

I have always been passionate and dedicated to my work with children and families and feel very privileged to be able to work alongside such professional, caring and motivated individuals within the PROPS team.

I always stand by the saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” and carry this with me every day in my work. I am always here to listen, guide and support our PROPS families and feel very privileged to help in any way I can.

I am open and approachable and always have a great sense of fun in everything I do.

I have a terrible sense of direction and will often find myself lost and phoning for assistance much to the enjoyment of my friends and colleagues….

I am a super proud mam of three teenagers and feel this is my greatest achievement in life. I adore my family and love spending time with them all.

In my spare time I enjoy being with friends and spending time away in the Lake District, my favourite place in the world, and of course there is always a giggle when Emma is around.

Well, that is me, and I look forward to many happy years and adventures with the PROPS Team.

Louise McIntosh

Family Intervention Worker

Hello, I’m Louise and I joined PROPS in October 2023 as a Family intervention worker.

Prior to this I worked for the Probation Service for over 20 years, working within the courts and writing sentencing reports in magistrates courts. My valued experience with Probation has given me a wealth of skills which were transferable to my current role.

I enjoy the fact that I now get to work with carers, and that I’m able to offer them support to improve their own wellbeing as well as their families.

It’s an absolute privilege to work for PROPS North East and with the fantastic team and to be able to be part of all the amazing work PROPS provides within our local communities.

In my own time I am busy, mainly with my family, but when I get the time I enjoy painting and decorating, upcycling furniture.

I enjoy getting out and about in the fresh air with family dog to beaches and Bamburgh.

Liz Turner

Family Intervention Worker

My name is Elizabeth (Liz) and I have just joined the PROPS team as one of the Family Intervention Workers. My background is in education with over fifteen years’ experience working with children and young people with differing needs and SEND. I have a vast knowledge and experience within mental health and providing additional support for those that need it, being their voice and their biggest advocate.

I have completed my degree in counselling and psychotherapy working with both adults and children, which is my passion and, as some may say, my calling.

I couldn’t feel more welcomed into the PROPS team, I can honestly say I have never worked with such an amazing team of professionals, who are always willing to go above and beyond for the people we support.

In my spare time you will find me walking in the lakes with my two dogs Chester and Daisy or paddleboarding along the river. Even though I am the clumsiest person in the world, I am always willing to give anything a go.

I love spending time with my family and making memories at every opportunity.

Rugby is another love of mine and I am often found supporting my local team, and the Harlequin’s of course!

For those that know me, know that I am a very positive person who will always find the best in any situation, and that I have a crazy sense of humour – there is nothing in life laughter cannot help.

Megan Capp

Young Persons Worker

Hi, my name’s Megan, I’m the Young Person’s Family Intervention Worker in North Tyneside and I started working for PROPS in July 2023.

Before PROPS, I volunteered as a young person’s mentor with Northumbria Coalition Against Crime and as a resilience support worker throughout the COVID pandemic. This allowed me to meet and support some amazing people with amazing stories and I’ve been so lucky to come into a job where I can continue to support incredible people through difficult periods of their life.

I’ve always been passionate about working with young people and it’s been so rewarding to see the real difference our support can make, not just on the individual, but on the family as a whole.

Outside of PROPS, I love exploring all that the beautiful coastlines the North East has to offer, especially finding hidden, quiet spots to take my paddleboard out. My weekends are typically filled with good food, good music and good friends, usually singing and dancing the night away.

Jess Turner

Young Person Worker

“Hello, I’m Jess and I am one of the Young Person’s Family Intervention Worker’s in Newcastle.

I started June 2024 and I am passionate about empowering others, learning new skills and promoting psycho-education. I absolutely love to have fun and I never take life too seriously; I am still a kid at heart really. Before PROPS I have been a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to for many individuals throughout my career as a mental health support worker and assistant psychologist. Supporting people through the difficult times and celebrating their successes is a privilege.

I love working with such a positive team, we tackle challenges together and make sure we are offering the very best support to our service users. I love to see the change we make to individuals lives!

Outside of work I enjoy walking my puppy (Matilda), through the woods and on the beach, I enjoy dancing with friends and going out for dinner! I always make sure there’s room for dessert, Brownies have a special place in my heart. I have just completed my Masters degree in Forensic Psychology; I love reading thriller books and watching horror films, but I am also a sucker for a good rom-com. I love to sing and listen to good music, it’s definitely one of life’s greatest gifts!”

Diane Breen

Administer Officer

Hello … my name is Diane and I joined PROPS in April 2023 to work as an Administrator, which means if you call into our helpline there is a good chance that I will pick up the phone.

My background is in Financial Services running mortgage teams and more lately as a mortgage and protection broker therefore, I am sure you will understand how much I appreciate working with such a people focused team who literally put our carers at the front of everything that we do.  It’s a fabulous environment for us and the amazing people we help and support every day.

When I am not at PROPS, I am a dog walking, travel obsessed, history lover and enjoy family time with my lovely lot.

Sandy Lambrou

Finance Officer

Dan Brocksop

Young Person Lead

Hello it’s Dan!

I am the young person’s lead worker here at PROPS. I am passionate about supporting young people and their families, to see them progress and achieve great things in their own lives is why I do the job!

Outside of work I am a massive Newcastle United (Shearer still my favourite player) and Football fan but I also love exploring new places and taking on different challenges to raise money and awareness for PROPS and other charities, I have completed the national 3 peaks in 24hours, ran the great north run 6 times, sky dived, I just don’t like sitting still!

I have also travelled around the world and worked in different countries but nothing beats Newcastle.

And yeah, that’s me!

Annette Walby

Team Leader

As Team Leader I can honestly say it is a real privilege to come to the office every day and work with the compassionate, empathetic, motivated, and talented team of Family Intervention and Young Persons workers.  Coming from a background in Training & Development Management, Bereavement, and Mental Health Industries, I am able to utilize my years of knowledge and skills in my role to best support the team.

Being part of a long-standing and people-centred Charity to actively contribute to my hometown communities and being part of the amazing intervention work supporting carers across both Newcastle and North Tyneside really has been a true dream.

Everyday day work is a joy, even on the hardest of days, a place of that wholeheartedly mirrors my own personal values.

We are able to enhance carers understanding and knowledge to better support their loved one who is experiencing drug and/or alcohol misuse, whilst putting the carer at the centre of the work we do to support their needs and enrich their lives.

Outside of work, I love trying new things, meeting new people, eating out and undertaking new challenges.  You will mostly find me out in nature and the fresh air walking or hiking with a fair few Mountains under my belt, but many more to go and explore. There is nothing better than conquering a new view with my favourite walking companion – my Dad!

Sandra Adams

Operations Manager

I have worked for PROPS for 7 years. I originally started as a volunteer then became a Family Intervention Worker, then team leader and now I am Operations Manager.

I am passionate about our Community Reinforcement and Family Training programme – CRAFT. I know the benefits that this behavioural change intervention can bring to families who are impacted be someone’s using behaviour. 

I also Volunteer at the People’s Kitchen in Newcastle which support those in need. Before joining PROPS, I had the opportunity to travel the world and experience many different cultures and enjoy new experiences.

When I’m not at work, I also like to socialise with my friends and family, especially dancing the night away!   
Throughout the years of working at PROPS, I have met so many new people and I’m proud to have helped make a difference to the lives of many families, even in the smallest of ways, which is why I love the job I do.  

Helen Thompson


I’ve worked for the charity for 16 years, starting when the service extended from Newcastle into North Tyneside. As the saying goes ‘a CEO should be able to do all of the jobs within the organisation’. As the current the Chief Executive Officer I can honestly say that I’ve worked in almost every role over my time with PROPS North East.

Starting as an administration officer, I quickly became a Family Intervention Worker. This role was combined with being part of the team that set up the PROPS not-for-profit trading arm, Positive Practice Partnership, in which I became the lead trainer.

As trainer I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country passionately delivering our Community Reinforcement Approach family of interventions to other services. I became the first Accredited Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor in all three of the interventions, CRA, ACRA and CRAFT in the UK.

I am proud to work for a charity that over the years has helped thousands of families across Newcastle and North Tyneside as well as hundreds more beyond our boundaries through the training I’ve delivered.

Outside of work I enjoy walking, I’m curious about history, I love visiting historical sites of any era and, although not a philosopher myself I’m interested in knowing about views from all sides and the thoughts behind them – what makes people ‘tick’ is of course the reason I love the job I do!

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