We understand that navigating the complexities of addiction can have a huge emotional impact on, not just the individual, but the family and friends around them. From understanding the nature of addiction to learning healthy boundaries and self-care practices, PROPS can provide individuals with the knowledge to support both themselves and their loved ones.

Increasing our presence in the community has been pivotal in increasing awareness of the support we provide. One such invaluable resource in doing this has been the drop-in sessions offered by PROPS. These drop-ins serve as a lifeline for those navigating addiction within their families or communities. The sessions provide a casual environment for individuals to find reassurance, understanding and guidance, anyone is welcoming to come along – no appointment needed.

We have been lucky enough to develop partnerships with a number of amazing charities including the Cedarwood Trust, Whitley Bay Big Local and Working Well North Tyneside.

These drop ins have given PROPS the opportunity to increase our presence in the community, as well as provide a safe space for individuals to access the support they need in a familiar and welcoming environment.

Working with such great charities has also facilitated collaboration with other support services allowing us to provide the most holistic support to our carers as possible.

During a recent drop-in event at Whitley Bay Big Local a lady approached us as she was on her way to the café. She asked what PROPS did. After explaining the support PROPS offers, the lady talked about her own experiences of being a carer for someone in addiction. Her story resonated deeply as she explained that until that moment, she had been unaware of the existence of services tailored to support the loved ones of those grappling with substance misuse. For her, the revelation of our support service was a tangible reminder that she was not alone in her journey. Her story further confirmed the need for greater awareness of our support, recognising the valuable impact PROPS support could have on the countless individuals silently facing the same challenges alone.

PROPS is dedicated to ensuring that no one faces the challenges of addiction alone and we hope that by continuing to spread our message through the community, we can make this happen.

For more about our drop-in sessions you can contact the PROPS office on 0191 226 3440 or click here and we’ll call you back