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PROPS is a specialist service for people whose lives are affected by someone else’s alcohol or drug use.  

We understand how difficult it can be supporting someone who uses alcohol or drugs. We understand how stressful, worrying, upsetting, and isolating it can be.  

You are not alone. 

Practical & Emotional Support

We offer practical help and emotional support for families of drug and alcohol users. Our tailored approach ensures you’ll receive the support that meets your specific needs.

Through our one-to-one support you can discuss your concerns around alcohol and drug use within your family with a member of our team. This will enable us to identify the type of support that you’ll benefit from the most.

Our group support provides comfort in making you realise that you are not alone. These support sessions allow you to share your thoughts and experiences in addition to listening to others in a similar situation to yourself.  Both social and educational group support is available.

Training and education are a key part of our support sessions. You will receive drug and alcohol education including how to stay safe, deal with crisis, minimise harm, understand the recovery journey, prevent relapse, post-acute withdrawal (PAWS) and help in maintaining your own health and wellbeing.

Where appropriate, we will build a team around your family and may invite other services to be part of this team helping you to achieve your goals.

We listen, help you to problem solve and develop new skills. Discover more about the support we provide, here.

Structured Programmes

We offer structured programmes including Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training intervention (CRAFT). This internationally renowned program is delivered by a team of qualified and experienced therapists.

One of the aims of the CRAFT program is to improve both your emotional and physical health as well as your relationships. Another objective of the CRAFT program is to help your family remember to reduce their harmful use of dugs and/or alcohol and support them into treatment.

Another structured support program is Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT). This program involves working with two people to strengthen and support behavioural change by rebuilding trust and improving the relationship you have with the member of your family who uses dugs and/or alcohol.

Family mediation is another structured program designed to decrease conflict within families. Family mediation is split into five stages with the aim of promoting a positive form of communication and strengthening relationships.

You can take a closer look at our structured programmes, here.

We provide hope for you and your family

Our stories of hope will provide you with reassurance that PROPS can provide you with the support you need if you have a family member who uses alcohol and/or drugs.

PROPS has helped thousands of families throughout the North East and beyond, and these first-hand experiences demonstrate the positive impact our charity has made to the lives of those who have reached out to us for support. 

We’ll help you to prioritise your needs

We are fully aware of how mentally and physically exhausting it can be to have a family member who uses drugs and/or alcohol. At PROPS we provide you with the opportunity to prioritise your needs and make time for you.

Self-care is a necessity and not an optional extra which is why we provide a range of different activities for you to enjoy including health and wellbeing days, art sessions, fun events and trips out. We’ll also encourage you to explore new hobbies and interests.

Discover more about how PROPS will help you to priorities your own needs and make time for yourself, here.

Supporting young people in Newcastle & North Tyneside

We support young people who are worried about someone else’s drug or alcohol use. Through our Young Person’s Project, we help young people, aged between 11-18 in Newcastle Upon Tyne and 5-18 in North Tyneside, to get the support they need.

Young people have the option to meet face-to-face with a young person’s worker at a place they feel comfortable, whether that’s at school, a youth club or somewhere in town. The aim of the Young Person’s project is to help young people to stay positive, understand the situation better, keep safe and have fun.

You can discover more about the Young Person’s Project here.