Out and about meeting carers.

To celebrate Carers Week 2022 Alistair Wilson, Hospital Carers Information & Advice Worker at Newcastle Carers, and PROPS Family Intervention Worker Claire Hagelburg set up a stand at the entrance in Freeman hospital, Newcastle.

“I had a fantastic time. Alastair and I met carers and ‘hidden’ carers from all walks of life, some working in the hospital and others visiting.” said Claire.

“Some of those who we spoke to are working full time as well as being a full-time carer; they were unsure of what support is around and what they are able to access.”

Carers Assessment

Carers Assessment

If you’re a carer, in employment or not, you’re entitled to a carers assessment. A carer’s assessment gives you the chance to talk about your caring role and the impact caring is having on you.  

It focuses on your needs and covers:

  • your health and wellbeing
  • looking after others
  • having time to yourself
  • the things you want to achieve on a day-to-day basis

Young carers also have the right to a young carer’s assessment to:

  • find out what help and support you and your family need
  • choose the amount of care you receive
  • be protected from excessive or inappropriate caring that impacts on your health and wellbeing
  • get information and advice

Carers Assessment

A young carer’s assessment looks at the amount of caring you do and what needs to change to make sure you have the same opportunities as other young people.

If you would like more information you can call:

PROPS – 0191 226 3440

Newcastle Carers – 0191 275 5060

North Tyneside Carers Centre – 0191 643 2298