On a grey, rainy Wednesday afternoon, a group of PROPS North East carers descended on Longsands Beach in Tynemouth to spend time together and enjoy a few hours out of their normal day.

A Walk…

Tracey Hawkins-Hobson, Family Intervention Worker with PROPS in North Tyneside said: “It was lovely to be out and about with the carers. Fresh air and exercise are sometimes at the bottom of carers priorities when they’re caught up with the worry and stress of their caring role.”

A Talk…

Instantly, the ladies started talking, introducing themselves and sharing their own stories, finding common experiences and offering advice to each other. There were a few tears, but even more laughter, ensuring that the mood for the afternoon was upbeat.

One carer said: “It’s only when you start talking to other people in similar situations that you realise that you’re not the only person experiencing problems. Things that I got upset about in the past, after this afternoon don’t seem as bad. Tracey says, “You’re not alone”, this afternoon I wasn’t.”   

Scrumptious Scones!

The group of happy walkers ended the day back at Longsands Beach and in The View Café where they were treated to a welcome cup of coffee and warmed cheese and fruits scones. The chatting continued and the carers found more common ground and continued to bond through their tales and laughter, which could be heard throughout the afternoon.