Every year throughout September, International Recovery Month celebrates the accomplishments and resilience of individuals who have conquered addiction. One part of this is the Recovery Walk, this walk helps to highlight the significance of support and treatment for those in recovery.

This year PROPS supported the Newcastle Recovery Walk which started at the Millenium Bridge and finished at Oaktrees Community Rehab.

We celebrated our carers recovery too.

The impact from someone else’s substance use on individuals and families can be overwhelming. PROPS wanted provide a healthy and well earned break form the worries and fears for carers and so, with the support of the staff and volunteers at the National Trust, a contribution towards transport from the Newcastle Building Society and a donation of sausage rolls from Greggs, we invited all carers and their families to join the team at Gibside.

A beautiful fresh and sunny Saturday morning saw the PROPS team head to Gibside with our amazing carers and their wonderful families, including family dogs. 

The National Trust guides took us on magical walks through the beautiful estate of Gibside and the younger family members had lots of fun running in the mud, finding sticks and making new friends.

Hearing carers, staff and families chatting, laughing and seeing the many smiling faces throughout the day was amazing!

After our Big Family Picnic some went off to experience Forest Bathing. In Japan this is known as shinrin yoku and is a Japanese practice that promotes relaxation. It’s a simple method of being calm and quiet amongst trees, observing nature and breathing deeply that can help both adults and children de-stress and boost their health and wellbeing.

We even got to try some interesting forest delicacies, some more palatable than others, but in true PROPS style we had a giggle.

The PROPS Carers Recovery Walk was a day about being together, reflecting on where we’ve been… and where we’re going, making new friendships and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. From our youngest PROPS toddler to our more senior carers at an amazing 88 years young, fun was had by all.