I was experiencing issues around my husband’s alcohol use and I didn’t know how to manage the situation. Receiving support from PROPS I learnt how to implement boundaries, how to communicate better with my husband, how to recognise abusive behaviour and spot the signs of using behaviour.

Accessing support in the evening was a great help due to my work commitments. Due to lockdown this was delivered virtually online, and I got to hear and speak to other people in similar situations. Online group worked very well. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this programme. 


It was beneficial to attend PROPS group support as a couple as we were supporting our loved one together. Useful pointers were raised in the group that we discussed at home after the meetings. We attended face to face group meetings when we started the programme but due to lockdown, we finished our sessions via Zoom. Access to the virtual meetings was made very easy. We have learnt now how to support our family member without enabling their using behaviour.

Thank you, Sandra, for your honest and authentic delivery of the weekly meetings as well as being at the end of the phone for us when needed.


I found it very helpful to have a group I could talk freely in. No-one judges you or says you are being silly to worry. The PROPS telephone support is also brilliant. They have truly kept me sane at times. Thank you to everyone who is at the end of a phone when you need them.


I accessed 1 to 1 support on a weekly basis. I learnt so much over the weeks especially knowing when the best time is to approach the situation. Learning what you want to say in a more positive way was a huge help for me. I felt so down thinking it was all my fault my son was using drugs. But after weeks of working with PROPS they gave me great insight into understanding addiction from a substance using perspective.

It is a roller coaster journey, but I am so glad I contacted this service. I cannot thank PROPS enough.


This is just to say what an excellent service PROPS is.

I had individual support from Sandra to do the CRAFT programme after finding out my partner, who I live with, was using heroin.

Sandra taught me about the compulsion of drug use, giving me a renewed empathy for my partner whilst also teaching me to look after myself and how to approach my partner to discuss things.

Following the course, she offered us couples therapy and I can honestly say this is the best thing that we have done as a couple.

We both took to it really well and it allowed us to be open and honest with each other in a very safe environment with no judgement.

I can not believe the leaps and bounds forward that we have made in our journey together and I would never have thought it possible was it not for Sandra and we are actually getting married next month.

Sandra is one in a million, an angel in disguise and a true blessing to all.

Thank you so much to the PROPS service.