I was worried about my son who I suspected was in the early stages of abusing substances. I had a situation where I had to call an ambulance as I thought his life was at risk because of taking too many drugs. I decided I needed some help and advice about how to deal with this as it had become too big for me to handle alone.  

I would like to say I was worried, stressed and all the other words you are expected to say when you find out about substance abuse in your family. But thinking back, I think the best words to use about how I was really feeling, was total and utter denial. I felt I was getting advice just in case there was a problem, but honestly, I think I knew there was already a problem. 

The first call to PROPS was a very big step for me because it was admitting the problem existed and that it was actually happening to my family. But as soon as I heard that caring voice, I knew I had done the right thing. 

The person on the phone was very helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. Most of the staff have personal experience of substance misuse or being in a caring role. They can truly empathise and offer real and very useful advice. There is no judgement and no looks of shock, which is what I had imagined would happen.  

I completed the 8-week CRAFT programme and still attend a drop-in group which I find hugely helpful.  It really, really, helps knowing that you’re not the only one going through what you’re going through. Addiction problems can affect any family no matter what your background.  

My problems have not gone away but knowing that there is always someone at the end of a phone who can help and give me advice is the best thing I have right now. I will continue to attend the drop-in group until such time that I feel I do not need any more support or advice. Ultimately that will mean PROPS have done a very good job.