What a year it’s been!

Over the last couple of months PROPS team members have reflected on how contact with carers, and team members, has been a big miss this year.

Yes, we’ve had telephone calls and zoom meetings, but it’s just not been the same for us. We look forward to meeting with carers at this time of year; we will never refuse to share time with carers, especially over a hot chocolate and a mince pie. I’m sure everybody who knows the PROPS team will know that we do like our food.

So, it was with great enthusiasm that we jumped at the chance to get out and about and meet carers (at a respectful social distance, of course) and to deliver festive treats. Unfortunately we couldn’t share the actual eating experience, but just being able to see people and share a few minutes of friendly banter was enough to lift all of our spirits. From the feedback that we had, it seems that carers appreciated the contact too.

“I very much enjoyed your visit yesterday and the rocky road and quiche were excellent. Well done to everyone concerned and many thanks.”

Our day started at the Big River Bakery in Sheildfield, Newcastle. The team of volunteers and trainees at the bakery had spent hours baking fresh quiches, making snowy road tray bakes and boxing up the treats as well as weighing and bagging ingredients for the ‘make at home’ snowy road.

What a great atmosphere coming from the kitchens, there was some pretty impressive singing coming from a very happy kitchen. The radio was in full Christmas song play list mode; however, most tunes were drowned out by the choir of Big River Bakery belting out their own version of popular tunes. I will admit that under the disguise of my face mask I felt confident enough to add my own not so dulcet tones to the mix.

“I would like to say thank you so much for the lovely quiche and cake. I must admit I ate the lot immediately and thoroughly enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to you all I know it is a bit early for the greeting, but the gift made me feel like Christmas.”

So, festive treats bagged and loaded into cars, the PROPS team set of to the four quarters of…. well, just Newcastle and North Tyneside, but still, we did cover some miles. And ok, we didn’t cross deserts, but I’m pretty sure we were all guided by the brightest star in the sky as the daylight turned into evening.

On my magical mystery tour I visited parts that I hadn’t been to before and saw some amazing Christmas lights along my way; all of this, including meeting carers, made the day so pleasurable. I hope all who received the festive treats enjoyed them as much as the team enjoyed delivering them.

“Thank you much for everything and merry Christmas and happy new year. God bless you. Have a good time with your family and I am so proud of you. I really love the treat and cake. Many thanks.”

It just leaves me say that I hope the present year ends on a cheerful note and makes way for a fresh and bright New Year. 

Here’s wishing you all a Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From everyone at PROPS