A brief conversation about Autumn this week got me thinking: “Why do I like Autumn?”

So, here’s my top ten likes about Autumn:

  1. The amazing colour changes of the leaves before they start to fall.
  2. Wearing my boots. I’ll happily wear my boots during summer but when it’s 24 degrees and the sun’s cracking the flags I have a feeling that I look a little ridiculous.
  3. Home-made soup. Last night I made broth. I’ve written my really easy recipe below.
  4. The nights draw in and I start to think about drinking my body weight in hot Chocolate.  Adding some marshmallows, squirty cream, sprinkles makes it look pretty but adds another person’s body weight.
  5. ‘Winter is coming’, Game of Thrones fans will recognise this phrase I’m sure. I don’t look forward to the winter months, but Game of Thrones makes me think of getting cosy and settling down to a good read when it’s cold and raining outside. I read Game of Thrones before it was a twinkle in HBOs eyes – it was a long read and, in my view, needed to be read without the distraction of knowing that there’s lovely weather and exciting activities to do in the sunshine.
  6. Autumn treasure hunts. No need for a metal detector, this was something that I loved to do as a kid and then loved doing with my nieces when they were young.  If you’re looking to entertain your children simply make a list and try to find different coloured leaves, conkers, pinecones, acorns, etc. My oldest niece still does it but it’s far more sophisticated, using an app on her phone takes her to places she wouldn’t normally go to (she’s in her thirties and can go by herself now 😊).
  7. For some reason I like to knit at this time of year. A couple of balls of chunky wool and a huge pair of knitting needles and I’ve got a cushion cover in no time. Finally, I’m ‘en-trend’ – looking at this seasons soft furnishings, knitted cushion covers are in, according to one magazine ‘knits and faux furs to make any space feel instantly inviting’.
  8. As the weather starts to change, I start to appreciate that there’s going to fewer dry, warm and sunny days. Getting wrapped up and walking helps to clear away the cobwebs, gives me some exercise and helps to make the most of each day.
  9. Decluttering my wardrobe and cupboards. Like many people, Autumn’s a time when I change my summer wardrobe to my winter wardrobe and get rid of items that I no longer want, my view is: “I don’t want it but somebody else might.” A trip to the charity shop is always on my to do list.
  10. Autumn seems always to be a time when I start to think about what’s happened so far in the year and what I want to happen for the rest of it. This might be a throwback to going back to school after summer and being a little unsure of what to expect. Having a little more time to think and care about myself helps me to appreciate… me.

The Danish have a word that covers all of these, hygge. Hygge is the concept of creating warmth, connection and wellbeing. I believe that we all need a little hygge in our lives.

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I hope my ‘likes’ have given you a little food for thought about how to keep yourself active, healthy and motivated as the season changes.

Last Night’s Broth Recipe. (I got 2½ decent size bowls of broth from this).

120gms vegetable & pasta mix (I used Morrisons but you’ll find similar in other supermarkets in the dry pulses aisle)
1 carrot cut into small pieces
½ an onion cut into small pieces
1 vegetable stock cube
1 ltr water (I added gammon pieces, but this is optional)
Put all of the ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about an hour.
Serve and enjoy.
It works just as well in a slow cooker. If you have a soup maker, I advise cooking it on the ‘chunky’ setting twice to ensure that the pulses are well cooked before eating.

Helen Thompson