I’d like to introduce myself for those who don’t know me.

I gained my first role in PROPS in January 2005 as a Family Intervention Worker working in Newcastle supporting children, young people and families. I had the privilege of working with families struggling to manage substance misuse and witnessed how this impacted their emotional and physical health as well as the family dynamic.  

I was Team Leader for seven years in North Tyneside and in 2015 I took up the post of Operations Manager.

Fast forward to 2021 and I have been fortunate to be offered the role of Chief Executive when my predecessor left the Charity.

I have as the saying goes, given blood, sweat and some tears to the Charity and do not regret a single second of my time here, which makes this position even more important to me. The role means I can truly support the staff team, the Charity, and the families we work with, as well as continuing to build mutually beneficial and successful relationships with our partners and funders.

In my personal life, I am also a carer. My husband was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), which is a condition similar to Parkinson’s, however more rapid in its progression. It has been a difficult road for us filled with tears and feelings of hopelessness, but also with great love, strength and personal reflection.

I have also experienced the impact of substance misuse within my family and understand the journey of a carer. It can be very tough and at times a very lonely path to tread, however if people have the courage to reach out and ask for help, a shoulder to cry on, a space to vent their feelings of frustration and sadness, this can be an easier role to manage.

Accepting support can help build resilience and enable learning which can be the difference between finding a level of happiness in your life as a carer, rather than merely surviving a caring role. This can equally make a significant difference to the substance user and support their path to recovery which is the ultimate wish for every carer our Charity works with.

With the support of an exceptional Board of Trustees, I am extremely proud to lead a dedicated and hardworking team who support, inspire, and empower young people, adults, and whole families, and who work within our local communities to connect, educate, and encourage people to live their best lives.

Nic Mansfield-Jones